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The tables below show all tunes in all sets, sorted alphabetically by tune name; by key; or by type. Change the index sorting by selecting a tab at the bottom of the table. The tables cannot be edited or re-sorted, or downloaded. Scroll the entire web page (outside the table) to get to the bottom of the table and select tabs. Scroll INSIDE the table to scroll the lists.  Open the table in a new browser tab

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Learning to play a tune with Cape Breton styling can't be done by note reading alone!  Listening to  both older and modern fiddlers playing the tune will  help you learn how to play a tune and make it sound "right". Click the tune name in the table below to get a listing of known recordings of the tune played by Cape Breton artists. Click the artist name in the table to listen to the tune as recorded on the listed album.  Click the album name to see what other tunes that artist plays in the same set. Wondering what other tunes go well with the tune you are learning? Click the tune name, then follow links to albums  containing that tune to see what tunes Cape Breton fiddlers play together. 

The tune and album links in the table will take you directly to the tune page on Alan Snyder's Cape Breton Fiddle Recording Index at cbfiddle.com. This is a valuable resource cataloging recordings made by Cape Breton fiddlers and is invaluable for learning to play Cape Breton fiddle music.

Found a boo boo?

Mistakes happen! The audio recordings below were generated automatically  and there are too many to be able to test them all. If you find one of the audio files is incorrect, or of terrible quality please report it so we can replace it with a better one.  If you have suggestions for changes to the tables let us know at cbsession@cbsession.com

Tune Index