Sun. Apr 14 - House Session - 2pm to 5pm  Practice session to work on some of the newer sets (51-54) and maybe refresh some of the older sets. We'll play at a practice/learning speed, bring your music stands and books or whatever you need to help learn the tunes. BYOB, and if you wish, a snack to share during the break. Hosted by Aylene Gracie, 925 Parkhaven Ave. 

Sun. Apr 21 - Pub Session - 2pm to 5pm Open jam session at the Barley Mow, 1541 Merivale Rd. Today we'll be helping to launch a wonderful new book "Portraits of Cape Breton" . This is an amazing and intimate look at Cape Breton, and the people of Cape Breton, through the lens of photographer Alfred LeBlanc (Margaree). Alfred's photos have been displayed at galleries and shows,  and are now available for you to take home in the form of a book. Come join us to hear some Cape Breton music, and see the photos on display. You can pick up your own copy of the book, and have it signed by the author for $29.95 (cash or e-transfer). 

Everyone is welcome - all levels, all instruments. If you like playing, or hearing Cape Breton traditional music this is where you'll find it.  Let us know if you have a song you'd like to sing, or a special set you'd like to play. 

Sun. May 5 - Pub Session - 2pm to 5pm

Sun. May 19 - Pub Session - 2pm to 5pm World and National Fiddling Day celebration!

Sun. June 2 - Pub Session - 2pm to 5pm

Sun. June 16 - Pub Session - 2pm to 5pm Father's Day!

Other Events

Sat. Apr. 27 - 2pm to 5pm A great big fiddle jam to promote awareness of the Richmond Fiddle and Stepdance Competition.  Busters Bar and Grill 420 Hazeldean Rd. Kanata Bring your instruments and dance shoes! There is an upright piano 🎹 on site and lots of space for dancing. Lots of free parking as well. For spectators, lots of seating and tasty treats on the menu. 

Sessions, sessions, sessions - there are lots of Celtic sessions going on in the National Capital Area that include a nice mix of Irish, Scottish, Cape Breton and French Canadian tunes. Check out our Google calendar below  for dates and locations. 


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Cape Breton fiddlers occasionally come and present workshops on fiddle, step dancing and piano here in the National Capital region. We'll make sure that any such events are communicated via our email list, website and social media accounts. There are a few Ottawa-area fiddle teachers who include Cape Breton tunes and stylings in their lessons.     More...

Ottawa Cape Breton Session is an informal jam session, not a band, so we don't provide music for concerts or special events. If you are looking for some fiddle or kitchen party type music we offer a few suggestions on the Hire a Band page. 

Scenes from some of our past pub sessions - always a great time!

About our Sessions

Ottawa Cape Breton Session provides an opportunity to play tunes and sets that are part of the Cape Breton traditional repertoire. 

Pub Sessions

Sunday afternoon pub sessions are generally at a pretty fast pace. It is mostly group/session playing with occasional songs or solos.  Everyone is welcome to join, with fiddle, guitar, mandolin, accordion or even a cello! Sessions  are led by Aylene, or sometimes other folks. Let her, or the pianist Ellen know if you have something special to share with the group.   

If you don't play, but love to hear Maritime and Cape Breton music live you're more than welcome to come down to the pub sessions and have some fun. It's always a big and friendly group of folks, a great place to meet old friends and make new ones too. You'll meet lots of other Maritimers in the crowd. Jam ouverte avec concentration sur le pieces de l’ile du Cap Breton, de l’Écosse et de Glengarry. Apportez un instrument ou venez partager une chanson avec nous. Ou, venez savourez la musique et notre plaisir. On ne sait jamais qui s’y présentera, mais c’est certainement toujours un groupe avec un accueil amical avec qui passer l’après-midi.

House Sessions  **Looking for hosts for house sessions**

House sessions are are great way to learn new tunes and meet new people and get familiar with the Cape Breton repertoire. House sessions occur on a second or fourth Sunday from 2-5pm . The pace at house sessions varies, new tunes are learned mostly from sheet music. Players take turns hosting house sessions, or sometimes they are hosted by folks who just love to hear the music. The schedule is a bit erratic, when a house session is scheduled it will be posted on the website. Session à vitesse moyennement accéléré où apprender de nouveau ‘sets’ de pieces, généralement  à partir de feuilles de musique mais aussi ‘à l’oreil’. Lieu idéal pour faire l’essaie d’une  nouvelle chanson, ou pratiquer de nouvelles pieces avant de les jouer à la session au pub. C’est aussi un bon temps pour faire du ‘social’ avec des gens forts sympatiques et pour savourer des grignotines délicieuses.

Reel Slooow Jams

These house sessions play at a more moderate tempo for learning, great if you are new to your instrument or are nervous playing with a group. You won't find a more welcoming and encouraging group anywhere else. Players take turns hosting house sessions, or sometimes they are hosted by folks who just love to hear the music.   On vise les débutant(e)s au violon (ou piano ou guitar) qui désirent apprendre le pieces de l’Isle du Cap Breton dans un millieux amical et sans pression. Plusieurs aires et valses lentes ainsi que des jigues et des reels à partir du repertoire régulier, mais à une vitesse plus lente; ceci donnera plus de temps à ceux et celles qui ne savent pas lire la musique a apprendre à l’oreil. Vérifier la page “Tunes” pour la liste le plus souvent joué au Slow Jam (“jam lent”).

Host a House Session or Slow Jam

Hosts provide space and chairs (without arms) for anywhere from 6 to 20 fiddlers, and some space for socializing during the break. Session lead,  and all other arrangements are through Cape Breton Session. Please do not contact session hosts directly. To get on the email list for slow jams, or if you want to host a slow jam send an email to  Hosts can be fiddlers/pianists or just folks who don't mind listening to the same tune played over and over again. Ideally hosts provide an in-tune piano (or keyboard), but we can usually arrange to bring a keyboard and/or some extra chairs if needed.  Sessions are BYOB, and players bring along snacks for the break,  but usually the hosts provide tea or coffee, or other non-alcoholic beverages (depending on the weather). Slow jams will always require advance sign up, the host locations have varying capacities. If you have not received a registration confirmation you are not signed up - and should not show up.  More about slow jams...

Cape Breton fiddle music is best learned by ear. Although detailed sheet music and sound files are provided here for learning the basics of a tune , be aware that the tune may sound different when played live. The sheet music provides the melody of a tune, and while some common ornamentation such as a 'cut' may be occasionally notated, in general the fiddler is encouraged to add to the sound with their own selection of ornamentation. In addition the rhythm pattern played may be slightly different than the dotted notes in the sheet music would have you believe. The best way to really learn these tunes is to come out and play along with us at either a house or pub session. You would be more than welcome! The Tunes page contains tunes and sets you are likely to hear at one of our sessions.