First and Third Sunday of every month 2pm-5pm

Royal Oak Pub 318 Bank St. at MacLaren

Join us for a little taste of Cape Breton in the heart of the Nation's Capital!

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The aim of Ottawa Cape Breton Session is to share the music and culture of Cape Breton Island with the National Capital area. The Sunday Pub sessions are open to anyone who enjoys the music. Sessions are primarily for the musicians to share the experience of traditional music, are open to anyone who can play the common tunes of the tradition, and are great way to learn new tunes and meet new people. Want to join in? You can! To get familiar with the Cape Breton repertoire we have practice sessions every other Sunday from 2-5pm at various locations. If you already know some of the tunes join in the first and third Sunday of each month at the Royal Oak Pub (318 Bank St. at MacLaren.) Sessions are led by Aylene her know if you have some tunes you'd like to share.





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July 13 —House Session: 2pm-5pm - Hosted by Volunteers needed! 

July 20—Pub Session: 2pm-5pm Royal Oak Pub 318 Bank St. at MacLaren. 

July 27 —House Session: 2pm-5pm - Hosted by Volunteers needed!

July 29 —Concert with Panache

Panache is a fiddle super-group made up of four powerful female fiddlers:

  • Cape Breton fiddler Andrea Beaton
  • Franco-Americaine fiddler Donna Hebert
  • Southern style fiddler Jane Rothfield 
  • Quebecois fiddler Veronique Plasse
Lively reels, dancing jigs, soulful waltzes and airs, great playing and great singing! Listening to Panache is like watching art being made at the moment of inspiration. These ladies spark off of one another, with arrangements, counter melodies, harmonies, rhythms, and musical improvisation-the result is something NEW and EXCITING and FUN!!Tickets available online:  ($15 advance; $18 at door)
Date & Time: Tuesday, July 29th @ 7:30pm (doors open at 7pm)
Location: Rosemount Community Hall, 41 Rosemount Avenue, Ottawa
For more information:

August 1-2—Glengarry Highland Games: Natalie MacMaster
and Donnell Leahy will be the headliners at the sixty-seventh Games Tattoo on Friday, August 1! Just one highlight of two full days of Scottish Fiddle music, starting with the “Youth Fiddlers’ Showcase” on Friday afternoon in the Arena Hall. The show starts at 2:00 pm and will feature young fiddlers from Glengarry and surrounding area. The afternoon will conclude with a performance by the Glengarry Massed Fiddlers at 5:30 pm as they warm-up before taking to the main stage where they will perform at 6:30 pm at the Friday night Concert.

On Saturday morning in the Arena Hall, there will be two Scottish fiddle workshops with guest fiddler and instructor for the weekend Shelley Campbell from Cape Breton. Born and raised in West Bay Road, Inverness County, Shelly has been playing traditional Cape Breton music for twenty-five years. Shelly is a popular fiddler for dances and has taught Cape Breton style fiddling at workshops and private lessons throughout Cape Breton and in Scotland. Her playing is powerful, lively, graceful and deeply rooted in the traditions she grew up listening to. Shelly also has an avid interest in Gaelic culture and its preservation in Cape Breton.

Scottish fiddling will continue on Saturday afternoon in the Arena Hall with the Fiddlers’ Ceilidh featuring our guest fiddler Shelley Campbell. The program starts at 2:00 pm and from then until the Glengarry Massed Fiddlers at closing. Local and visiting fiddlers and pianists will entertain with jigs, reels and strathspeys, etc. until 5:00 pm.

August 3—Pub Session: 2pm-5pm Royal Oak Pub 318 Bank St. at MacLaren. 

August 10 —House Session: 2pm-5pm - Hosted by Volunteers needed! 

August 17—Pub Session: 2pm-5pm Royal Oak Pub 318 Bank St. at MacLaren. 

August 24 —House Session: 2pm-5pm - Hosted by Volunteers needed! 

August 31 —Fifth Sunday: 2pm-5pm TBD

September 7—Pub Session: 2pm-5pm Royal Oak Pub 318 Bank St. at MacLaren. 

September 14 —House Session: 2pm-5pm - Hosted by Volunteers needed!

September 10-14 —Ottawa Folk Festival Check out these great Cape Breton artists at the 2014 Ottawa Folk Festival:

CIG ("Ko-ig". Gaelic for '5') is one of Cape Breton’s most captivating young bands. They're an exciting ensemble consisting of five solo acts. Originally coming together for a promotional tour for the Celtic Colours Festival, the formation proved to be something special, and the group decided to continue to tour together as a band. Proving to be a serious force to be reckoned with in the traditional music scene with their driving tunes, haunting songs and infectious energy, Cig is a treat for the ears of every audience they meet.COIG are: Fiddlers Chrissy Crowley, Rachel Davis and Colin Grant; multi-instrumentalist Darren McMullen; and Jason Roach on piano.

Chrissy Crowley is a Canadian fiddler with a firm foundation in the traditional music of Cape Breton. She has performed throughout Canada, the United States, the UK, as well as Ireland, France, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic, captivating audiences with a talent that belies her youth. Her music explores a new direction; a path of fearless innovation that has earned Chrissy a 2013 Canadian Folk Music Award, a Top 20 Under 20 in Canada award, and numerous East Coast Music Association and Music Nova Scotia nominations.Chrissy’s new release is titled “Last Night’s Fun.”

Sprag Session - Lingering somewhere amidst the rich, soulful roots of traditional Cape Breton music and the grooves of a thousand branches of rock and funk, Sprag Session has developed a unique style and repertoire of music with a dynamic and thoughtful mingling of beats and melodies from an extensive host of musical influences. Far from the awkward malaise of mohawked bagpipers and kilted punks, Sprag Session has created a kind of Celtic fusion that is as much Bla Fleck and the Flecktones and Frank Zappa as it is Ashley MacIsaac


How to Host a House Session
All you need is a space big enough to put 6-8 fiddlers in, some chairs without arms, and a willingness to listen to the same tune played over and over again as we practice. If you have a piano let us know, otherwise we'll bring our own keyboard. We can also bring folding chairs. Sessions are BYOB but usually the hosts provide some non-alcoholic beverages and a little something for snack time. Interested? Talk to Aylene or Beth or send an email to


The Gaelic Hour Music from the Glen

K-LEE Radio, like it's name suggests, plays the sort of music you'd hear in the kitchen. The vast majority of the artists are Cape Bretoners—about the only place on the Internet where one can find nearly non-stop mostly traditional music from Cape Breton. More about it here. Listen to it at

MISSING HOME? There are several Cape Breton radio stations that stream to the Internet so you can listen just as if you were home! "The Giant" FM (Sydney River); "The Hawk" (Port Hawkesbury); "Max FM" (Sydney); CJCB 1270AM; "X-FM" (Antigonish and Inverness); "The Eagle" (Sydney) as well as good ole' CBC radio all broadcast over the Internet so you can stay in touch wherever you are. Check HERE for a listing of all 
available stations.

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Click below for the best source of musical information in Cape Breton. Listings for who is playing where and when - an indispensible vacation planner!

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iTunes podcast of Nov. 17, 2013 show featuring Cape Breton music


Looking for something more Irish? Everything you need to find Irish music and culture as well as Ottawa Valley and other Celtic music in Ottawa is at

Listen to Irish/Celtic music from Ottawa online at the Gaelic Hour on CHIN 97.9fm-Ottawa

Both sites contain links to various Celtic happenings in the Ottawa area. Irish Music Ottawa also has links to genealogy resources, local music teachers, instrument sales/repair, also links to tune archives.


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The Cape Breton Club of Ottawa invites you to make a membership commitment to keep our club vibrant, so that we can enjoy the many aspects of the unique Cape Breton way of life, a home away from home.  Our club is a place to enjoy, share, and promote the best that Cape Breton Island has to offer: lively gatherings; traditional music; down-home food; delightful stories; and friendly people having lots and lots of good times together.    Want to join in the Cape Breton fun? Candidates for new membership may fall into one or more of the following categories: Born on “the home of our hearts” Cape Breton Island; married or (friends with) a Cape Bretoner; or having a burning desire to be a Cape Bretoner  (A Cape Bretoner in “spirit")